Cabinet Painting Services

Professional Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Refinishing or painting existing cabinets happens to be one of the easiest ways to provide spaces in your home with a modern appeal. It is also a way to make any renovation processes progress much faster since there is no demolition involved or removing the units. This is also a greener choice since you are making use of materials that already exist in your home.

We are here to work alongside you to create the ideal look for an area in your home such as your kitchen. The first step involves choosing the type of finish that appeals to you. If you prefer solid colors, painting the cabinets is a good option. Another popular option is to re-stain the cabinets to allow the grain of the wood to show through.

The Benefits Of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Remodeling projects that involve kitchens can become extremely expensive relatively quickly. They also usually take longer than you expected, and this can become extremely inconvenient. Cabinet refinishing and painting is one of the alternatives to provide your kitchen space with a new and fresh look without the hassles involved with demolition or taking the cabinets out. There are lots of advantages to choosing to paint or refinish your cabinets over a complete renovation. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • A lot quicker than pulling out your old cabinets and replacing them with new ones
  • A lot cheaper than installing brand new cabinets
  • Provides a way to stick with the existing layout of your kitchen
  • An environmentally-friendly choice as you are reusing existing materials

Transforming Your Kitchen With Cabinet Painting

You might not know that painting your cabinets can make such a drastic difference. You will be surprised by the complete change you can achieve when you decide to refinish or paint your cabinets. Here are a few images you can check out to see these transformations for yourself.

Cabinet painting extends past just the kitchen. We are also able to transform your bathroom cabinets along with any other room in a home by painting or refinishing built-in bookcases, closet doors, cupboards, and any other cabinet. Give CH Painting Company a call today.